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OSP’s success story begins in 1991 in Dresden when it was set up as a software partner to "Otto Versand". Since then, the company has grown continuously and has developed from an internal IT service provider for the Otto Group to an independent company – with its own software products, holistic advice, and a broad service portfolio relating to IT for retail and logistics. Throughout more than 25 years, one thing has remained constant: our passion for IT.

A former employee shares her stressful experience on indeed.com "As a Supervisor at OSO I had at one time over 65 associates and I was given no time to coach because there was no money in the budget yet I was still responsible for meeting my sales goals. Had a meeting with my Manager and the Sales Director where I was belittled and scolded for not meeting my goals. Very unprofessional Managers, negative work environment, and management only speaks to you when are doing something wrong."


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Corporal Correctional Officer (Former Employee) says

"Everyday, you clock in, process through the main entry building at take off all of your equipment so it can be searched. You clear the detector, gather all your belongings and make your way through the sally port into the institution. Inmates immediately bombard you with questions and complaints that were not taken care of from the previous shift. You must catch up on the work that has not yet been done. You search cells throughout the day looking for contraband items. Do security rounds to make sure your block is safe. The overall atmosphere is just depressing. Some co-workers are great to work with and will help you in a heartbeat, while others will criticize from a distance. Management is two faced and cannot be trusted all that well. However, the thing that makes the day and your 12 hours bearable is if you have an amazing partner. Without that, your day is unbearable and the time goes by slower and slower every day. Also if the call for an extra shift! Cons: Overtime, No A/C, No Heat, No breaks, Toliets broke, and Favortism."

Correctional officer III (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work can varry between alot of violence or silence, i leared how to deal with offenders, management is poor, co-workers are good for the most part, the hardest part of the job is being told your not going home for the next 8 hour shif (which has recently been changed to 12 hour shifts, the most enjoyable part of the job is getting out of the building its self."

Building Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"This is a max prison you work with and around inmates you must work around the situations that may arise riots fights ext. Deal with staff that are uncooperative or just lazy Cons: Dangerous and difficult"

guardia de seguridad privada (Current Employee) says

"Mi trabajo en el cuidado de la tienda era muy tranquilo y agradable, en lo personal me gusta estar ahi, el problema es directamente con la empresa de osp Cons: ATRASO DE PAGOS"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"The co-wokers here are wonderful but the management style and work life balance has not become very friendly."

Liaison (Former Employee) says

"This company would not be a place to work due to overstressed, long hrs and no training skills. It is a fast paced environment to no ending due date."

Contractor - OSP Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management did not have OSP engineering experience to lead experienced engineers. Management did not respect the client or their views. Management tend to bad mouth employees on a daily bases making it very uncomfortable for the employees."

Outside Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"poor management, bad inventory, bad work enviroment.."

Construction Manager Project Manager OSP (Current Employee) says

"With my current job I have to travel much of New York state, which can be difficult during the winter months. The job itself is challenging, which I like."

Executive Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Field Job Cons: No proper management"

Fiber Construction Inspector (Former Employee) says

"All dependent on contracts. Learned a lot and had fun doing the job. I was promised a future with this company and left a decent job for it and got disappointed like many others did."

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"The team I currently work on is understaffed. They expanded business to double in 2015 but have not hired additional support. Most coworkers are extremely friendly with a few who are hard to work with. Upper management seems to be fair but there is no incentive or compensation for keeping employees morale up or loyalties. The hardest part of the job is the workload itself. I like what I do. I know I am good at what I do. I never miss deadlines and am very efficient. However, I often end up working evening and wknds as we are understaffed with double the work load."

Flagger (Former Employee) says

"a bunch of decent people. Flagged for Verizon Fios Line Gang"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"good work place and the people are fun to work with.mangers have a lot of things to do on there plate with very little time to turn around.all people are very busy 12 hours a day. Cons: health care"

security officer (Current Employee) says

"the work place is not a place I look forward to go to work each day.where you have to worry more about your senior officers,more than the offenders Cons: bad management"

recruitment agent. (Former Employee) says

"was a job that really did not challenge me in any way, the nature of the job meant that i was not ever really stretching to meet targets. was just constantly the same. Cons: sat in an office chair all day."

OSP Construction Services Consultant (Current Employee) says

"...as a Consultation role employee, work place is friendly and productive for conducting training seminars. Training seminars can be challenging while also productive."

Call Centre Operative (Former Employee) says

"Nothing special same as any other call centre job but if thats what you are looking for then it the job for you. close to market harborough friendly work environment"

OSP Technician (Former Employee) says

"Productive and fun place to work. Very challenging environment, Can be long hours during summer construction and peak times. Cons: none"

recruitment center agent (Former Employee) says

"repeatitve work, didn't feel there was ever any opportunity to grow and develop any skills there. Cons: long hours"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at OSP Group full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Terrible management and working conditions. Dark, dirty, loud and corrupt. Hamster in a wheel. Do not work here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at OSP Group full-time for more than a year Cons: All this company cares about is making more money, at the expense of the quality of the products (very terrible), the morale of the company (low) and the management that they employ. They tend to promote from within, which really just rewards the people who have been there the longest and not at all rewards the people who have any sort of innovative ideas or new processes. My own manager was likely the worst person I have ever worked with, only in the position because he'd been there for 5+ years. He caused me and my entire team a significant amount of unnecessary stress through typical/pathetic fear and intimidation tactics, shot down ideas faster than we could finish pitching them, was not at all helpful and was either overwhelmed or just clueless as to what we needed to do to not just do better week over week or year over year, but to integrate a dynamic strategy within our day-to-day activities that would yield better overall processes and of course, results. Most of the feedback he gave me was on the formatting of my presentations, or that my emails were too long, instead of actually helping me grow."


"I worked at OSP Group Cons: Everybody quits, too much drama, disorganized, system makes no sense, people who work here talk so bad about customers."

Former Employee - Online says

"I worked at OSP Group full-time for more than a year Cons: -If you're not French, you will not advance. Lots if "In Crowd" Favoritism occurring here. -Too much red taped. I have managed eCommerce teams with less staff and have accomplished more. Long over drawn out processes. -Management staff needs training. -Company prides itself on being plus size, but the models are barely size 8."

Former Employee - Reception says

"I worked at OSP Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Arrogant staff, total lack of communication, inability to do what is right The carpet was NEVER vacuumed. Ce ling tile falling out and not replaced"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at OSP Group full-time for more than 10 years Cons: does not accept Dr notes even when highly contagious. they want us to still work even sick. we can only have two 15 min breaks. if we have a high npt time they want to fire us. we are one of the lowest paying telemarketing company. but they push us so hard to sell and have good stats when there is no real incentive. And if we have good stats they only give us between 5 to 15 cent raise each year. Max salary for telemarketing is less than $12 hourly. When other companies starting pay is some $15 an hour."


"I worked at OSP Group Cons: hard to do job as company won't share org chart in fear of headhunters"

Current Employee - Order Administrative says

"I have been working at OSP Group full-time Cons: Too much favoritism, raises seem to be based on how well you're liked by the time you get your annual review, instead of the great work you've done all year long. I really wish someone would investigate how our raises are being given to the individuals who supply our supervisor with Christmas gifts every year."

Trainer/411 Representative/Help Desk says

"I worked at OSP Group Cons: -pay. It's one of the lowest paying call centers. -sales goals continue to go up but yet I rarely saw a raise in pay. -favoritism, if your sales were crappy, management was on your back even if they weren't your actual supervisor. -upper management does not listen to any of the employees suggestions. -former 411 associate and trainer so knew all ins and outs of the systems yet no one wanted to listen to us. -even though there are advancement opportunities, there isn't a raise have the time or if there was it wasnt even worth the extra work. -outdated systems that would always go down. -website errors galore but Internet department could Never help -the customer service reps (not all of them) were rude so that resulted in escalated calls that our department would have to handle but company never coached or listened to us when we'd send out an email regarding that specific associates behavior -companies quality in the actual items has gone down over the years. Took soooooooooooooooooo many escalated calls for crappy cheap items. -crappy customer service too. A company can't have bad quality and bad customer service. -most management that I encountered over the years were hired outside the company so they didn't know how to do anything. Most managers didn't even know how the ordering system worked. -company doesn't care about their associates or management. All they care about is add on Sales and money. lost amazing management over the years because they didn't hit their goals. -old phones, broken headsets, broken chairs."

Current Employee - Coordinator says

"I have been working at OSP Group full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Management treats employees as expendable, caste system, lack of consideration/communication"

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